Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Butterbur( Petasites)

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28 May 2016
Denso Marston Nature Reserve,

Oxenber and Wharfe woods/Settle
Round the Settle area this plant is every were..

Gallows Hill Nature reserve/Otley
There are quite large patches of the plant here (must remember for next year) the flowers are just starting to turn.

This patch of flowers is right at the beginning of the walk

This patch of flowers is at the end of the walk when you reach the first large pond that is fenced of.

Ben Rhydding, over the little bridge next to the river.

I have gone all over this last week looking for this plant, quite hard to spot as it is just coming out. The photos are not great , will have to take some more. The leaves come much later.


Just starting to open up.
Found at Craven,top end of Lime Kiln ,along the stream.



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