Dotted Loosestrife (Lysimachia punctata)

Also known as Spotted Loosestrife, this garden escape is an elegant, upright, perennial which grows to a height of over 120 cm favouring roadsides, waste ground and grassland as its habitat. From June to September, it bears clusters of five-petalled yellow flowers (15 – 20 mm) on short stalks in the axils of the stem leaves. The petals are fringed with dense glandular hairs. Unlike Yellow Loosestrife, the opposite, downy, ovate leaves are never black-dotted but have hairy margins.

Primrose Family,

Dog Mill Pond






  1. What a lovely plant. I've never seen dotted loosestrife before, so will keep an eye out for it.

  2. Thanks Tim, this plant can be found in the wild but most times it is a garden escape . It was growing round the mill pond so dose like damp conditions, most of the plants in this area have been brought in over time, but are now running wild.
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    Amanda xx


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