Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Hedgerow Crane's-Bill (Geranium pyrenaicum)

,Hedgerow cranesbill has most likely arrived in Finland and the Nordic countries in general with people. It’s possible that it’s native to the south of Finland, but in any case its original area of distribution has been a lot smaller than it is today. Hedgerow cranesbill is nowadays quite widely spread, although it is rather rare and grows sporadically. It is not a particularly popular ornamental plant in Finland, even though it has few demands and its long flowering time compensates for the small size of its flowers.

Hedgerow cranesbill can be confused with small annual and biennial members of the Geranium family that grow as weeds in mainly the same habitats. The most common of these in Finland are small-flowered cranesbill (G. pusillum) and sometimes Dove’s-foot cranesbill (G. molle), although their flowers are clearly smaller and their petals are not deeply lobed. (LINK)

 Crane's-bill Family,
Dog Mill Pond


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