Sunday, 24 May 2015

Bistort (Persicaria bistorta)

The spikes of delicate pink flowers of Common Bistort can crowd damp places such as wet meadows or pastures and roadside verges. In bloom from June to August, this pretty flower goes by a different name in the north of England: 'Pudding Dock' (or sometimes 'Passion Dock'). This is because it was commonly used to create a traditional pudding around Eastertime, probably originating as a cleansing, bitter dish for Lent. Nowadays, many local places have their own take on the basic recipe of Common Bistort leaves, nettles, onions, oatmeal and bacon fat.

How to identify

Common Bistort displays cylindrical, pink flower spikes in summer; the triangular or heart-shaped leaves appear from spring onwards, and decrease in size up the stem.

Where to find it

Grows across the UK, but most common in Wales and the north of England.


 Knotweed Family,


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