Thursday, 3 May 2018

Sweet Rocket (Hesperis matronalis),

Sweet Rocket "Purple" (Hesperis matronalis),2018*, Rodley Nature Reserve, 

Sweet Rocket has a myriad of other common names which include 'Dame’s Rocket', 'Damask Violet', 'Dame’s Gilliflower', 'Night Scented Gilliflower' and 'Summer Lilac.'
A stunning biennial that can grow to 90 cm, it has lush green lance-shaped leaves and will send up masses of mauve scented flowers in May and June, which are very attractive to bees and are a good food plant for the Orange Tip Butterfly. The scent from the flower clusters gets stronger as night falls and is sweet, similar to that of a violet. 
Preferring full sun or partial shade, Sweet Rocket is a wonderful addition to the cottage garden or herbaceous border, they will self-seed and will gradually naturalise over an area it looks good when allowed to drift through an informal border or in a wildlife friendly scheme. (LINK)

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